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General Questions

In line with our values, we strive for transparency and communication to all of our supporters. As we continue to develop and build our organization, we will continue to keep our supporters informed and involved in each step towards success.


Why is there a cost to place a name on a flag?

Due to the unique concept and process of design, sewing the names, and dedicating a flag to the best organizations and venues, there is a wide variety of costs and labor involved. Every flag we dedicate involves a portion of the money raised going to an organization that shares similar values and mission to our veterans and first responders.

What does it mean to Host a flag? Does a host own the flag?

Flag to Remember™ prefers the term “host” as opposed to “purchase”. A host does own the flag; however, we believe that “Host” shares a meaning of mutual responsibility and accountability to the flag. We want our donors to know that any flag they add a name to begins a journey of honor, throughout the events and venues the flag attends. Every person involved with each flag is now a part of a family and support system dedicated to that flag. To enable the host concept Flag to Remember ensures each flag is listed on our site with the destination and contact information for the hosting organization.

Who can host a flag?

At this time, we are specifically dedicating flags to established organizations and public businesses. Staying in line with our vision, we want the names on every flag to be in the most visible locations, buildings, and events. This is crucial to one of the main pillars of our impact. The sight of our flag in the right venues, can spark questions, conversation, and a better understanding of what the names on each flag have sacrificed for our country. By those reactions, we can educate and promote support throughout the communities and their youth.


Flag to Remember


Flag to Remember™ supports themes related to Military and First Responders. Inherent to those themes, we identify causes within, to build a flag around. For example, Veterans Suicide, Veterans Killed in Action, First Responders Suicide etc. 

Measure Twice & Measure Again!

We then discuss which design an organization would like to have printed. The options vary based on flag size, and often the venues planned for the flags display.

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