Bringing awareness to your communities 

Together we empower the Veteran community as they experience the struggles of transitioning out of the military and starting their own business.

Our Journey

Our flags focus on honoring our nations fallen Heroes, while also raising awareness to the sacrifices they made day to day, until their last day.  Equally important, we constantly strive to raise awareness to the struggles of suicide amongst our Military/First Responders. With every flag we proudly display across the country we can help be the voice for the voiceless and help others understand what our heroes go through for our country.

Stars and Stripes Celebrity Invitational

May 15th-16th 2021

Stars and Stripes Celebrity Invitational is an event created to honor our military and first responder families for their service, sacrifices, and support to our country.

V.E.T.S. Veterans Entrepreneur Training Seminar

April 24, 2021

V.E.T.S (Veterans Entrepreneur Training Seminar) was created to help inspire Veterans or anyone wishing to become a business owner.

Let's Walk It Out

April 8th-April 17th 2021

Let’s Walk It Out is dedicated to preventing veteran suicide through implementing a public health approach to help eradicate the stigma attached to PTS and suicide.

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Flag to Remember flag being displayed at a hosting event.

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Flag to Remember flag being held by group, along with partners' flags.
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